Exero cares about your privacy. Due to the new privacy regulation (GDPR), all companies are obligated to inform how they are processing your personal data. Our Privacy Policy gives you information on how we handle your data and your rights. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, don’t hesitate to ask us at .

+ About us

Exero Technologies AS is a Norwegian company who develops adaptive sports equipment for people with disabilities. Our first product, Spike, is a crosscountry sitski for bare ground. The product will soon be launched in Norway through NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral (welfare services in Norway). Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or how we process your personal data. Here is our contact information:

Exero Technologies AS

Adress: Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway

Org. no. 918 613 609


phone: +47 984 90 065

+ When are we collecting personal data?

When we are in direct contact with you, either in personal meetings during exhibitions, testing, or through phone, we are collecting personal data. We are also gathering your data through our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), through contact forms and when you are accepting the use of cookies at our webpage, and when you are contacting us through email. We are also collecting data when a third party like a physiotherapist, a rehabilitation centre or the welfare service are connecting us with you. Personal data is also collected about our partners like NAV, rehabilitation centres, organizations, partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and job seekers applying for a job within Exero.

+ Why is personal data collected?

Persoanl data are collected to be used in marketing of the products and services Exero offers. Personal data are also used to improve sales, to answer questions and providing service to customers and end users. Data about actors that we are directly or indirectly connected to are also collected, including NAV, rehabilitation centres, organizations, partners, suppliers and manufacturer, as well as people seeking jobs at Exero.

+ What kind of personal data are collected?

We are collecting name, address, phone number and email addresses from our users. Address is collected to be able to make appointments in the naborhood of the end user, and to know which NAV central the user belongs to. Furthermore, this improves the information flow so that we can assure that NAV and the end user have sufficient information about the product. We are gathering names, phone numbers and job positions from actors we are directly and indirectly involved with.This includes rehabilitation centres, organizations, partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and job seekers at Exero.

When adjusting Exero's products, we need information about the user's physics like length, weight and body control. This is considered as health information and thus sensitive data. We need this type of information in order to adjust the product in the best way for the respective end users.

Your IP-address and your actions at our webpage (what products you are looking at, duration of visit, how you navigate at the webpage etc.) are gathered when you are visiting our webpage and agree to our cookie policy.

We are also gathering your feedback, comments, questions and contact information you are reaching out through when we are connected during testing, activity days, exhibitions, email or in a personal meeting.

When it comes to social media it is out of Exero's control how this information is processed by the respective social media. This means that if you publish pictures, videos, comments or posts through our social media-channels at Facebook or Instagram, the processing of data is in control of the respective channels and your own privacy settings here. Therefore, we recommend you to read more about the privacy settings for Facebook and Instagram .

We are gathering your information when you are applying for a job at Exero.

+ What is the purpose behind gathering the information?

We are using your data to the following subjects:

  • You will only get newsletters from us if you have agreed to this. Newsletters provides you with the newest information regarding our products, events we are hosting or participating at, invitation to workshops, and information about activities.
  • To inform you about events, courses, workshops and activites we are hosting. We could contact you regarding this to provide you with more information about the event, time and location.
  • If you reached out to us through the contact form at our webpage, we are using your data to respond to your request.
  • To follow up on your case if you reached out to us through email, phone, directly at an exhibition or during a tryout.
  • To reach out to you if we got your contact information from a trusted third party like a rehabilitation centre or the welfare services. They may have revieled your contact information because they find the products we are offering beneficial for you or because they believe we should get in touch.
  • When ordering a product or asking for an offer on the product, your personal data is being used to fulfill the contract. If this is a purchase in Norway, the sale goes through NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral or one of the rehabilitation centres. In these cases your personal data is shared with the respective NAV central or rehabilitation centre.
  • We are using your personal data to contact you, to get your feedback on the webpage, products and services in order to improve the experience for you.
  • We are using your data to adjust the products to your needs.
  • To analyse how you navigate at the webpage and based on this provide you with customized marketing.
  • If you are applying for a job in Exero, the data you provide will be used to go through the application.
  • If you are an employee at NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral (welfare services), a rehabilitation centre or a user organizationwe will use your personal data to ask questions, get information or provide you with information about our products.
  • If you are one of our providers of products or services, either a manufacturer or supplier, we are using your data to fullfill purchases, order products and to get information regarding this.

+ What is the collection of data based on?

We need a basis for treatment in order to use your data. This means that we need a consent to gather some type of information, while in other cases the information collection is based on a contract or the matter of interest. In the following, there is an overview of what the data collection is based on.

Collection of personal data based on concent

When you are reaching out to us through a form on our webpage, you need to actively push the button "send" to give us your concent to collect your personal data. When doing so, your concent will be saved and documented in our systems. Sensitive data, like information on health, must be registered through concent. That means that we can not store data about your personal health without your concent. When personal data is collected based on concent, you may also at any time withdraw your concent. You can do this by contact us through .

Collection of personal data based on contracts

To implement contracts with the customer (NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral, rehabilitation centres e.g.) when ordering products, it is necessary to collect your personal data. This makes it possible to fullfill the commitments in the contracts.

Collection of personal data based on interest

We are collecting and using personal data to maintain the legitimate interest if this is rated higher than the consideration of the individual's privacy. Data collected based on a legitimate interest are name, phone number, email, and job title. This is typical used when we are in touch with suppliers, users, public agencies like NAV, rehabilitation centres, consultants, and when meeting you at exhibitions or tryouts.

+ How are your personal data stored?

Your personal data are stored in a safe and proper way on secure servers. Personal data are stored at Google Drive.

+ For how long are we keeping your data?

Your personal data are kept for 1 year since we were in touch. You can notify us at anytime if you want to delete your data. Read more under "Your rights". For those cases where the product is already bought and we have or are about to deliver the product to the individual, it is necessary to store the individual's data for 3 years. This is because we need to be able to provide service within the warranty period. In those cases, it is beneficial for us and the individual that the personal data are stored for more than 1 year in order to provide service in the most efficient way.

+ About the relationship to third parties

We are sharing your personal data with NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral (welfare services) or the rehabilitation centre you are connected to in the following cases:

  • where we are delivering a product or service to you in corporation with NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral (welfare services) or a rehabilitation centre
  • where NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral or a rehabilitation centre are involved in testing or the handover of the product.

In order to manage several tasks, Exero uses service providers like Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Squarespace, MailChimp and Hubspot, which are all located outside of EU/EEA. Google Drive is used for file sharing, and the data you are giving us concent to store are kept here. Google LLS, the company behind Google Drive, is located outside of EU/EEA. Google LLC holds a Privacy Shield certificate, which means that Google LLC satisfies the EU/EEA requirements for privacy. Facebook Inc. holds a similar Privacy Shield certificate, which includes both Facebook and Instagram. Our webpage provider, Squarespace, also holds a Privacy Shield certificate. MailChimp, our provider of newsletters, holds the Privacy Shield Certificate. If you are signing up for newsletters from us, your email adress will be connected to our MailChimp account. Read more about the respective Privacy Shield certificates here:

With your concent, your personal data are also shared with our social media channels at Facebook and Instagram. In this way, your use of social media are analyzed so that we can provide you with relevant marketing.

You can control your own privacy settings at the respective social media channels. You can find more information here:

We are neither selling, renting out or revealing your personal data to other third parties. Nor do we provide our suppliers or manufacturers with information about your personal data.

+ About the use of cookies

In order to improve your experience when visiting our webpage and to continuosly keep developing it, we are using cookies. A cookie is a small file of text which is downloaded and saved on the users computer when the user opens up a webpage. The cookie is used to store login details, remember the users cart in a webshop, or register how the user navigates at a webpage. This makes it possible to identify you when you are visiting a webpage. We are also using cookies to know what visitors are looking at, what they are spending time reading, and how they are navigating. This makes us capable of adjusting the webpage based on your preferences.

It is your choice whether you accept the use of cookies or not. You can change your cookie settings if you want to delete or change how your browser store cookies. By preventing or deleting the use of cookies, you also accept that the webpage will not be customized to your preferences and that some settings may not be available. Read more about how you can manage cookies here .

We are collecting data from visitor through cookies from Google Analytics, social media (Facebook and Instagram), Squarespace, MailChimp and Hubspot.

  • Google Analytics are used to measure user activity. This makes us capable of keeping statitics to improve the webpage. This is also contributing to making your experience better. Google Analytics anonymize your personal data before storing.
  • Social media like Facebook and Instagram are also logging data based on cookies when you are visiting these channels. How data is treated by the respective channels can be found by visiting their pages for privacy and cookies .
  • Facebook Pixel is used to better target ads in order to serve you with relevant and customized information for you
  • Squarespace makes it possible to track how many visits our webpage gets. This makes us able to predict interest, and again adjust the posts based on statistics from visits.
  • MailChimp is our service provider of newsletters. When sending out newsletters by using MailChimp, it provides us with information on how many opens the letter, clicks, and unsubscription. Based on this information, it makes us capable of improving newsletters based on interest found in this data.
  • Hubspot is our CRM system. It helps us keep track on our contacts, so that we know who we should reach out to, about what and to what time.

+ Your rights

You have the following rights to your personal data:

  • The right to access your personal data.
  • The right to change, delete or limit your personal data.
  • The right to protest against the treatment of your personal data.
  • The right to withdraw your concent to sharing your personal data with us.
  • The right to complain to The Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

You may also read more about your rights here .

It is voluntary to disclose your personal data to us. However, if you want to test or order a product from us, we need your personal data like name, address, phone number and email address to help you.

Plese don't hesitate to ask if you want access to, change, delete, limit, protest, withdraw your concent or have any other inquiries when it comes to personal privacy. This can easily be done by sending us an email through You have the right to be answered within 30 days and of no charge.