• Introducing

    The Spike

    "The next century's assistive sports equipment"


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  • Features

    Steering and brakes

    Innovative steering- and brake mechanisms


    A complete system with an innovative steering mechanism. The sled makes it possible to use your upper body to turn and create more forward power. It is safe to use with a well-developed brake system on the front wheels.


    Easy to handle with light weight



    The sled is light in weight, which makes it easy to handle on your own. This will also make it easier to control and create more forward power.


    A system built for dirt roads and terrain



    The sled’s wheels and mobility are custom made for difficult trails and rocky roads. This makes it possible to explore new places and overcome difficult challenges.

  • Everyone should be able to have the same possibilities to stay active and live a happy lifestyle

    At Exero we want to make this possible.

  • "This is a product that will make it easier for many people with disabilities to get around outside, also in more difficult terrain. I’m eager to follow this journey!"


    Birgit Skarstein

    Paralympic Champion

  • Our Story

    The team behind Exero Technologies consists of dedicated product developers and motivated entrepreneurs located at NTNU in Trondheim.


    It all started by trying to solve some of today’s issues with sleds for bare ground. The team’s product
    developers were given a challenge from NTNU SIAT that involved developing a steering mechanism for
    the solutions that exist today. This resulted in the first prototype, which was later tested among users and
    with scientific researchers. The prototype was very well accepted from the market, and we saw that there
    was a huge need for innovative solutions in assistive sport equipments.


    We are now developing a sled in cooperation with end users to get the best result.
    Everyone should be able to have the same possibilities to stay active and live a happy lifestyle,
    and with the Exero sled we want to make this possible.


    Our goal is to make the best looking sled in the history, that will make your everyday life much more fun.

  • Team

    Bendik Fon



    Solveig Christensen



    Nicoline Bergh



    Andre Haig Johnsen



    Mathias Berg



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